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Mergtech Medical is proud to offer a variety of medical, paramedical, and patient transportation services. We work with our clients to offer a premiere healthcare experience. Mergtech Medical, we are healthcare evolved.

About Mergtech Medical Services

Mergtech Medical is the premiere service provider in the private healthcare industry. From industrial paramedical services, to event standby medical services, to medical transport services, Mergtech is dedicated to providing an exceptional health care experience. Our medical practitioners are trained in the use of the latest medical methods and equipment. Our team of experienced medical professionals continually update their skill sets and act as patient advocates to ensure attentive and methodical care for our patients.

Mission Statement

“Mergtech Medical is, elite healthcare professionals armed with premiere equipment and tech systems, resulting in a private healthcare provider that revolutionizes the industry.”

Core Values

Mergtech Medical Values for our Medical Services

Corporate Foreward

“Mergtech Medical continues to lead the private emergency and healthcare industry. We relentlessly evolve and strive for excellence in all aspects of our business. Our team of highly effective medical personal rigorously train on the latest equipment and in the latest modalities. We educate our healthcare professionals to the highest diagnostic treatment standards to ensure the effective use of their skills in caring for our clients.

In addition to using current advanced equipment, Mergtech Medical is a leader in implementing the latest medical innovations and developing technology-based healthcare systems and tools. The private healthcare system in Canada is unique and requires Canadian-based innovations and solutions. Our healthcare development teams build systems and equipment with Canadians in mind for the Canadian healthcare environment.

Our elite team of healthcare professionals works hand in hand with technology-based systems and innovative equipment. Mergtech Medical is not only a leader but a pioneer of excellence within the private healthcare industry.”

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Gerrit Pinnell - President/CEO

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