Event Paramedical Services

Event Paramedical Services are ideal for any corporate or community run event requiring an on site paramedical team and related equipment.

Event Paramedical Services and Event Standby Services for Alberta and BC

Event Paramedical Services

Take advantage of Mergtech Medical’s Event Paramedical services for recreational or corporate events. We work with your leadership team to help ensure your staff, providers, and attendees’ health and safety. Our equipment and team of professionals are fully mobile. Our Event Paramedical packages are entirely customizable. We can also help you develop a medical strategy specifically for your event that adheres to local government requirements. Contact Mergtech today.

Event Standby

Event Standby

Mergtech Medical is proud to offer our Event Standby services to organizations and the local community. Our Eventy Standby services include a wide array of customizable medical support options. This customization allows us to provide specific healthcare options specifically for your event. Mergtech’s Event Standby service covers all event types including corporate retreats, rodeos, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and more. Typically, our Event Standby service is comprised of an EMS unit consisting of an ambulance, two practitioners, and medical support equipment. We always work with the event planner to ensure that we meet all medical care requirements for the event as per local regulations. The Mergtech Medical team stabilizes and transfers critically ill patients in emergencies to the public healthcare system where their care can be taken over. We have both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) units available to serve our clients best.

For larger events, with many guests and where an increased coverage distance is required, a network system may be established to meet the dynamic demand. We offer an increased number of personal to sufficiently monitor and identify guests who may be in medical distress. These enhanced services are ideal for triathlons, endurance mountain races, street motor vehicle races, and theme parks. By using pre-planning, logistics, communication, and treatment resource management, we establish a rapid response system that is more effective and efficient for the patient and leads to the best possible outcomes. Our tiered network system allows for a patient in an emergency to receive advanced emergency medical care, while being seamlessly transitioned into the public healthcare system as required.

When an event meets the criteria of having a clinic, Mergtech Medical excels in providing unparalleled medical care. Often, a clinic is part of a network system where a patient, in an emergency setting, is assessed, stabilized, and treated until being transitioned into the public healthcare system. In these settings, a patient receives ALS (Advanced Life Support) measures as needed. We set our clinics up as ideal environments in which to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care. This high level of care leads to the best possible outcome for the patient. Our practitioners are experienced and armed with a full scope of practise in conjunction with state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

For smaller events, a first aid room is often substituted for an ambulance for events requiring BLS (Basic Life Support) services. In the first aid room, treatments consist of generalized assessment, wound care, and trauma stabilization. In an acute emergency, stabilization to the BLS level is initiated by the Mergtech Medical team while waiting for the arrival of the local EMS. Our BLS medical practitioners can assess and initiate treatment to the full scope of their practise, but can also identify when a patient requires a higher level of care. The BLS team facilitates treatment methods and techniques, including the transition process to the EMS system as required.

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Medical Clinic

First Aid

First Aid Room

Specialized Equipment

Advanced Equipment

Mertech Medical equips our practitioners with state-of-the-art medical diagnostic and treatment equipment. The need for specialized equipment for various events typically lye within logistics and response dynamics. Mergtech identifies optimal response techniques and treatment flow for your specific environment through the pre-planning and logistic analysis process. Specialized equipment can include snowmobiles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, quads, side by sides, ambulances, and temporary treatment facilities. In parallel with these specialized

response and extraction equipment, communication and treatment flow are pre-established and results in an effective and efficient healthcare approach leading to positive patient outcomes. This network system and approach make Mergtech Medical the premier medical provider for your next event.

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