Industrial Paramedical Services

Ideal for remote worksites such as those in the mining, logging, and oil and gas industries. Also ideal for rural and urban construction sites.

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Industrial Paramedical Services

Mergtech Medical’s Industrial Paramedical Services are ideal for clients requiring a comprehensive, onsite medical system. Industrial Paramedical Services are ideal for remote worksites for industries such as mining, logging, construction sites, and oil and gas. Our Industrial Paramedic services are entirely customizable. Mergtech Medical works with you to find the best solution for your needs in the area and industry where you operate.

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Medical Clinics

Mergtech Medical offers remote worksites the opportunity to establish a medical care framework that bridges the gap between private and public healthcare. In our medical clinics, patients receive medical care that is often higher and more extensive than that of the local healthcare system. We provide advanced care through industry-leading systems, diagnostics, and treatment modalities. The healthcare professionals we can provide through our medical clinics include physician assistants, clinical care paramedics, advanced care paramedics, nurses, or a combination of any thereof. Due to the level of healthcare professionals we can offer, and our equipment’s quality, our Mergtech medical clinics significantly reduce or eliminate the need for patients to leave the site to obtain additional medical treatment.

Identified benefits of having this health resource available to employees have shown increased productivity and efficiency during project events. An individual does not have to “work through” infections, pain, or discomfort when accessing the public health system is not readily available.

An injury or “walk-in level” medical issue can be addressed, and further treatment or follow up outside of an on-site medical clinic is often eliminated.

Mergtech Medical works with our clients to develop a thorough on-site medical coverage plan. This plan development is ideal for industries operating in some of Canada’s most remote environments, such as the forestry, mining, fire fighting, and oil and gas industries. We work hard to understand our client’s specific requirements to ensure the on-site medical coverage is appropriate for the specific project. We provide healthcare practitioners, transport vehicles, equipment, and supplies appropriate with the project’s required care level. Our on-site mobile medics typically serve workgroups between 5 to 75 workers.

A network of on-site medics combined with medical clinics may be deployed for projects spread over large areas consisting of 50 to 200 plus workers. This effectively increases both response time and fiscal efficiency while still allowing Mergtech Medical to provide the highest standard of healthcare. Whether working independently or within a network, our on-site medics are industry leaders and provide the highest care level. The Mergtech project assessment team can help identify provincial requirements and assist in determining the optimal coverage for all project settings.

Onsite Medical Coverage

On-Site Medical Coverage

Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

Mergtech Medical is committed to revolutionizing the industrial medical services industry. We are committed to bridging the gap between public and private health systems. We are also actively involved in the development of new equipment, tools, and medical care systems. We stay on the cutting edge of medical technologies and modalities to advance the Canadian industrial medical services sector’s unique and dynamic environment.

The public healthcare system and associated technology have advanced rapidly over the past 30 years. Overall, industrial medical services have failed to keep up with the many advances in equipment and tools. This failure has resulted in an inability for industrial medical services to maintain a quality of care consistent with that of the public healthcare system. This failure has reduced a practitioner’s ability to function fully within their scope of care due to not having the appropriate equipment and tools. The industrial healthcare system is decades behind, ultimately leading to adverse outcomes for individuals who need industrial medical services.

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