Medical Transport Services

Mergtech Medical’s Medical Transport Services are perfect for patients requiring transport by experienced medical practioners using the finest medical equipment.

Mergtech Medical's medical transport services for patient transfer and medical repatriation services

Medical Transport Services

Mergtech Medical offers Patient Transfer and Medical Repatriation services to our valued clients. Our Medical Transport services are an efficient, cost-effective method to transport medically distressed individuals. Individuals who require a highly trained medical team to monitor their condition. The experience and aptitude of our practitioners are bolstered by our commitment to patient care and comfort. Your medical transport team acts as your patient advocate at all times and ensures the best possible patient experience. We are always happy to help.

Patient Transfer

Patient Transfer

Mergtech Medical offers BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance patient transfer services. As an interfacility transfer service, our team is an effective and cost-efficient option. During transport, our practitioners maintain and initiate treatment modalities as required. We enhance our patients' level of care by providing experienced practitioners of

the highest aptitude. Our patient transfer team acts as patient advocates and ensures the best possible experience for our patients.

Ambulance Patient Transfer Services

For insurance or medical coverage reasons, international visitors to Canada who are injured or incur medical treatment may need to be repatriated to their home country. Mergtech Medical offers our Paramedical Repatriation services to assist in transport and medical treatment. Mergtech Medical transports the patient to their port of departure once they obtain flight clearance from their attending physician. Our repatriation team arrives to pick up the patient in an ambulance. We then transport the patient to their flight provider and travel with the patient to their destination. A pre-organized patient care transfer to the local medical transport team then takes place.

Throughout the whole repatriation process, Mergtech Medical's practitioners monitor, maintain and initiate medical treatment as required. We understand that the requirements of patient-specific monitoring, treatment, and transport may be dynamic and unique. Our repatriation team is experienced and can manage these unique and dynamic situations while ensuring the highest level of medical care.

Mergtech Medical is dedicated to working seamlessly with insurance providers looking for options to repatriate their clients. We work in conjunction with insurance providers and our patients by explaining each step of the medical repatriation process. By working together, we ensure a seamless and efficient transition from the Canadian healthcare system to the patient's healthcare system in their country of origin.

Repatriation Services

Medical Repatriation

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