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Mergtech Medical provides a variety of Industrial Paramedical Services, Event Paramedical, Services and Medical Transportation Services to all of Canada.

Our Industrial Paramedical services are ideal for clients requiring a comprehensive, onsite medical system. Our Industrial Paramedical services are ideal for remote worksites for industries such as mining, logging, and oil and gas. Our Industrial Paramedic services are also ideal for construction sites. Our Industrial Paramedic services are entirely customizable. Our management team works with you to find the best solution for your needs in the area and industry where you operate.

Take advantage of Mergtech Medical's Event Paramedic services for recreational or corporate events. We work with your leadership team to help ensure your staff, providers, and attendees' health and safety. Our equipment and team of professionals are fully mobile. Our Event Paramedical packages are entirely customizable. We can also help you develop a medical strategy specifically for your event that adheres to local government requirements. Contact Mergtech today

Mergtech Medical offers Patient Transfer and Medical Repatriation services to our valued clients. Our Medical Transport services are an efficient, cost-effective method to transport medically distressed individuals. Individuals who require a highly trained medical team to monitor their condition. The experience and aptitude of our practitioners are bolstered by our commitment to patient care and comfort. Your medical transport team acts as your patient advocate at all times and ensures the best possible patient experience. We are always happy to help.

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