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“Behind The Scenes: An Industrial Medic Harnessing Paramedic Mode”

What started as a routine workday would transform into a harrowing experience for one oil-patch worker. During his regular routine, a worker unexpectedly felt a pain in his chest, leading him to reach out to Dakota—a primary care paramedic renowned for her competence and professionalism on-site for immediate assistance.

After a thorough assessment, Dakota, utilizing a heart monitor (LifePak 15) and employing various diagnostic techniques, swiftly identified the situation as a heart attack. Without hesitation, she administered immediate treatment to stabilize the worker’s condition and facilitated seamless integration with the public health system through prompt transport. When asked about what its like to treat someone you work with, Dakota replied, “you jump into paramedic mode, and it isn’t until after that you wonder how they are doing and when you will see them at work again.”

Dakota Kolody

Thanks to Dakota’s prompt intervention and effective treatments, the worker not only survived but also avoided permanent heart damage. Dakota’s success in treating the heart attack was also aided by the assistance of two individuals on the worksite. “You realize how much you miss having a partner like in EMS, but Robin and Blake were phenomenal, and I couldn’t have done it without them”, said Dakota when talking about the assistance from onsite co-workers.

Dakota’s exemplary performance underscores the critical role of skilled healthcare professionals like her in responding to medical emergencies. Through their expertise and quick thinking, industrial paramedics like Dakota make a significant impact in ensuring positive outcomes for patients in the industrial sector.

As the worker steadily recovers, Dakota’s actions stand as a testament to her unwavering professionalism and dedication to delivering top-notch care in challenging situations. Her prompt response and adept treatment underscore the significance of preparedness and competence in emergency medical services across various industries.

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